This article just published today in the Chicago Tribune makes the case that where a student goes to high school definitely affects college acceptance. If you read further down in the story, you’ll see that one of the main advantages is having guidance counselors and college advisors who work directly with students and know them individually. That’s exactly why we believe our Cathedral 360 personalized education experience is so vital to students.

The private high school experience adds much more than just excellence in academics. Students learn in an environment where every classmate is headed to college. And with teachers who are dedicated to helping each individual become the best version of themselves. Most important, private high schools, such as Cathedral, begin the “college conversation” from Day One. Meeting with an academic advisor before ever beginning the first day of school sets the stage for greater academic engagement. And ultimately, to offers from top college and universities.

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Cathedral High School students earned $34.6 million in scholarships in 2015.

Here’s the complete article:

How much do you think graduating from a premier private high school really affects the college admissions process?