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3 reasons “the pen is mightier than the keyboard”

notetakingMultimedia access has changed the way students learn and develop. One area of confusion and debate is the expectation of taking listening notes: keyboarding versus long hand. The most obvious point is that notes are necessary to encode information into … Read more

Is private high school really worth the money?

“The public schools are fine. Why would we want to pay for private high school?”

That’s what many parents might think, especially those whose children have attended good public grade schools. However, paying for private high school just may be … Read more

7 vital questions you must ask about academics when choosing a private school

Parents say that academics is the number-one factor in choosing a high school for their child. If you’re interested in looking at private schools, how do you compare the different academic offerings to find the right fit for your student? … Read more

Why choosing a private high school may be more important than choosing a college

This article just published today in the Chicago Tribune makes the case that where a student goes to high school definitely affects college acceptance. If you read further down in the story, you’ll see that one of the main advantages

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Guide to Understanding High School Financial Aid

At this point you are considering—or perhaps you already have chosen—a private high school education for your child or children.

Like many families, you might be concerned about the cost of this education. You understand that a private high school … Read more

Five Simple Steps to Choosing the Right High School

So, you’re at that point where you’re thinking about high school. I can only imagine that you feel a bit (or very) overwhelmed when thinking of all of those steps in the process.

Let me share some five, very simple … Read more

Navigating the High School Application Process

If you have read 5 Simple Steps to Choosing the Right High School, you know that an obvious step in the process is applying for admission. If you haven’t read that article, do so!

The application process allows you to … Read more

How to Get the Most from a School Visit

One of the absolute best ways to learn more about a high school is to visit that school. While structured visits (e.g. open houses) are available, scheduling an individual visit for your family might be even more valuable as you … Read more

Comprehensive List of High School Search Criteria

As shared in 5 Simple Steps to Choosing the Right High School, a very important first step in the process of exploring high schools is asking yourself what you want in a high school. Whether you are well into … Read more